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About Us

About Us

    Suzhou ZHH Automation Equipment CO.,LTD was founded in Suzhou in 2012, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Is a R & D, production and sales of high-end automated machine equipment service providers.
    The company is located in the scenic Yangshan Industrial Park - No. 89 Shiyang Road, with a building area of 3500 sq. M. with a complete design, processing, assembly, commissioning workshop.
    By virtue of the scientific and technological strength of the class end and the reduction of labor and comprehensive production costs, the company has accumulated profound experience in the development of automation equipment in the three major areas of consumer electronics, low-voltage electrical appliances and automotive manufacturing, and has continued to provide comprehensive automation system integration services for many of the world's top 500 enterprises in this field. Households and society create value.
    Company tenet: to win customers with high-quality and reliable solutions, to high-quality, reasonable prices, fast delivery and other quality services, customer service, provide customers with productivity, all-round improvement solutions.
    The company team: 150 automation team, 20 machining team, 90 vibration disk team, the total number of 260 people.
    ZHH is committed to providing a complete industrial automation solution for global customers. At present, the main customers include: Wuxi Green Point, Chengdu Jeep, Japan YAZAKI, Shanghai Delphi, ABB Low Voltage Electrical Appliances (Beijing), Germany Widmiller (Suzhou), Laird (Shanghai), Eaton EATON (Suzhou), Moss Electronics, ZTE Group, Germany Haila, Bulls Electrical Appliances, Indonesia Kaides, Jinshang Precision and so on.
    ZHH, based on the concept of excellence, pays great attention to continuously improving the team's R&D and design capabilities. At present, we have a group of professional and technical personnel who have more than ten years of research and development experience.   They can customize various non-standard equipment according to customer requirements, improve existing equipment of customers, put forward reasonable and economical suggestions for customer process, with excellent equipment, high-quality service, and effectively reduce customer production and management costs.
    ZHH's elite team is a group of young people with both dreams and wisdom. We have extraordinary perseverance and advanced concepts. We do not want to be idle. We hope that through our efforts, through teamwork, we can create a comprehensive and accurate service for our customers.

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