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Suzhou ZHH Automation Equipment CO.,LTD was founded in Suzhou in 2012, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Is a R & D, production and sales of high-end automated machine equipment service providers.


  • ABB low voltage Home component automaton

    ABB low voltage Home comp...

    Mature Home low voltage electrical assembly assembly machine. Automatically install clamps and lock screws, which can be compatible with two different products of left and right terminals.

  • ABB low voltage STD component automaton

    ABB low voltage STD compo...

    Mature STD low voltage electrical assembly assembly machine. It can automatically install clamps, pressure plates, cam dynamic riveting pressure plates and automatic locking screws, and can be compatible

  • TRAY disk packaging machine, TUBE tube packing machine, labeling machine

    TRAY disk packaging machi...

    Packaging equipment, the development of various types of successful models: such as TRAY disc series, carton series, TUBE pipe series, sealing film series, automatic labeling machine.

  • Automatic assembly machine for Volkswagen door handle

    Automatic assembly machin...

    Beat: 3.5 seconds / sec. [boot rate]: >95%, Main points: complex special-shaped parts assembly, torsion spring assembly, rotation axis alignment correction.

  • Round and flat copper wire bimetallic winding automaton

    Round and flat copper wir...

    [Function] Manual insertion of bimetal sheet and insulating sleeve by operator,

  • Apple automatic riveting screw machine

    Apple automatic riveting ...

    [beat]: 1 second / minute. [boot rate]: >95%.

  • Sealing ring assembly machine (iPhone 8)

    Sealing ring assembly mac...

    [Function] Take out the sealing ring from the stripping paper and assemble it on the platform, load the sealing ring cartridge clip, load the Tray disc on the platform, suck the sealing ring by the single-axis robot,

  • Laird stamping die film automation

    Laird stamping die film a...

    [Function] The finished product is produced by automatic feeding, tearing, pressing, metal belt feeding, blanking, heating and tearing, and the key and important dimension testing is guaranteed.

  • MCB automatic assembly machine

    MCB automatic assembly ma...

    Beat: 3.5 seconds / sec. [boot rate]: >95%,

  • Automotive connector automata (YAZAKI)

    Automotive connector auto...

    [core technology]: separation and assembly of rubber rings with feet.

  • Delphi flexible line automaton

    Delphi flexible line auto...

    Beat: 2 seconds. [boot rate]: >95%. [Technical Key Points] Flexible production line can be realized by switching program and changing part of workpiece.

  • Delphi two generation flexible assembly machine

    Delphi two generation fle...

    [beat]: 1.2 seconds. [boot rate]: >95%

  • Automatic Wiring Inserting Machine for Wiring Board

    Automatic Wiring Insertin...

    Beat: pin speed 5 times / sec. [boot rate]: >95%, [Technical Points] Direct connection with punch,

  • Automotive Connector Automata (YAZAKI)

    Automotive Connector Auto...

    [core technology] spring separation and assembly [function]: complete the illustration of the assembly of 5 parts.

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